Building a Loyalty System

Flawless Rewards is a loyalty system built from the ground up for a single purpose; building your Aesthetic practice.   We provide the tools to gather and grow all or part of your practice that you want to foster.

Did you know that 91% of customers would give a referral and of those referred, 80 percent will make an appointment?  With Flawless Rewards, you can monitor who is looking at  point balances and thinking about a visit.  This is business intelligence at its most basic element.  Knowing when to communicate.  


will give 

a referral

Using Flawless Rewards is very easy.  To start, you create a reward strategy.   Like airlines, hotels and casinos, customers understand the earning and using of points.  We help you understand how to value points and redemptions. 

We guide you on how to build a solid tier structure for a club system, from basic to elite.   Each tier with its own earning level and bonus structure built from your reinvestment strategy.

We provide the tools to offer promotions for specific products or procedures and provide a customer portal to show them off. 

In the end, you’ll quickly have a solid loyalty system built on a solid platform made for your business.

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This is just a subset of the features our software offers you to create, manage and build a successful rewards system for your practice.

  • Unlimited Members

  • Unlimited Number of Club Tiers

  • Customizable Tier Levels

  • Tier Locking 

  • Unlimited Number of Rewards Per Tier

  • Bonus Point Periods

  • New Participant Sign Up Bonus (e.g. 100 points for signup)

  • New Participant Sign Up Period ( e.g. 25% bonus points for first 60 Days)

  • Referral Bonuses

  • Customizable Bonus Periods and Percentages

  • Unlimited Web Specials

  • Marketing Emails (Select by Tier and Enrollment Period)

  • Inactivity Emails

  • Customizable Customer Portal (Colors, Graphics, Brand Management)

  • Surveys 

  • Set Reminders based on Products

  • Fully Customizable Emails for Point Awards, Tier Achievements,  Reminders

  • Per Customer Communication Preferences tracking

Let's not forget about Reporting...

  • Point Balance Reporting

  • Activity Reporting 

  • Inactivity Reporting (e.g. Customer not seen in 90+ days)

  • Product/Service Activity

  • much more 


That means no software or hardware to purchase.  We're browser based so there's no software to install.  

You can be up and running in days.  


We're subscription based and with no hidden fees.  Our pricing is up front and explained in the section below.   

We're subscription based so there are no term contracts and you can stop at any time. 


You can define your club levels and the perks each level gives your clients.  

You can define earning requirements for each level.  


In building any rewards system, understanding reinvestment is the bedrock to your success.   

We help you define your point system and manage your point liability. 


Our software allows you to define reward points as you wish.  You can define points based on your reinvestment goals.  

We allow you to customize each product or service with a different number of points earned and then define the value of those points.


Flawless Rewards allows you to define any product or service with a reminder set up in the future.  When a client selects a service they get a follow up email in an interval you define to create an appointment.   

This is performed automatically with no actions required from you.  


We help you build your club reward system to drive repeat business.  By offering your clients bonuses they climb the tier ladder to unlock club perks.  

This is a proven method used by airline, casinos and hotel chains.  Now you can build repeat business using Flawless Rewards. 


Build your client base by rewarding current clients with referral bonuses.

Fully managed within our system, we track and reward clients that refer friends and others to your practice.   


From point rewards to emails, Flawless Rewards is highly "customizable".   All emails to your clients have your logo, your messaging and brand management.   
This allows you to maintain a cohesive "look" across your web site and our client portals.




We love doing demonstrations!  There is no obligation.

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"A good rule of thumb is to assign 10-15% of overall marketing budget to a referral program."

Jack Mitchell "Hug Your Customers"



Monthly Pricing

$ 895 / Month

Loyalty / Rewards Only

A complete rewards solution for your clients.   Implement a multi-tiered rewards program using our tools.  Client facing website supporting mobile is included.

$ 1495 / Month

CRM / Relationship Manager

A custom built relationship manager for the clinical industry.  Track pipeline, product and team performance. 

$ 1995 / Month

Everything ...

Loyalty & CRM

This includes both products with seamless integrations.  Includes APIs for Webforms and CallRail if desired.  

Implementation Fee is $1495 one time fee includes helping you design your reward program including tiers, client reinvestment strategies, uploading product categories and point values.  

Branch Offices are $399/month up to 5 additional locations.  For larger organizations, please contact

us for additional discounts.

Your first month's subscription fee is included.  Online payment methods only.