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Flawless Relationship Manager is a custom built CRM for the clinical industry.   

Introducing ...

Flawless Relationship Manager

with Contact Driven Workflow

What does this mean?   For each product or service that you want to incorporate into your FRM, you can build a customized communication workflow.   First, they are easy to build. 

Sample Workflow

Day 1

Send a PDF of the product pamphlet along with a thank you of the interest.

Day 2

Send a follow up email with additional information about the product or service. 

Day 5

Workflow creates a call list for persons to follow up with to gauge interest. 

Day 10

Additional follow up with general information to help guide toward a sale. 

This is just an one example of a Lead Workflow.  Each product's workflow can be customized for both time line and content.   The communication can be email or text, or placed on an outbound call list.   You can assign a lead to marketing team members.  

Automate Responses to Web Forms

Flawless Rewards will respond for you and create workflows automatically based on Web Forms.  We support several industry standard web forms as well as using our own.  

Capture prospective patient information directly into your club and start the ball rolling on sending materials and initiating contact via emails (or text) with follow up by voice from your team. 


Best of all, our FRM dashboard lets you know if someone's going without follow up.   

Woman on the Street

Product Pipeline 

Quickly see which products are filling up the pipeline and at what stage.   Select by Product/Service or by Marketing Lead, or both!   See what your marketing team has in all stages of the pipeline. 


Designed For Detail

The FRM Interest Tracking Page is designed to give you the maximum information in a single page.  No jumping around.  Record Interest Level, Timeline, Communication preferences in the top section.  

Add a note at any stage and filter to see relevant information.  Have product or service documents handy to review with the prospective client.   Quick talking points for those less familiar with the product or service.  

See each workflow action and determine if you need to push out or skip steps to prevent unnecessary emails or texts.  

Additionally you can send Emails or Texts directly from this page, add custom steps like a phone at the customer request.  

As a supervisor, you can review the audit trail to see changes to the opportunity along the way.   If you have a larger marketing staff, you can reassign future workflow events to other team members.

As we said, designed for powerhouse marketing.